Subsea Scholar

Subsea Scholar

Development of Low-cost Unmanned Surface Vehicle System for Bathymetric Measurements
Sep 2, 2022
Nicolette Purcell

Due to the importance of bathymetric measurements for geodesy – the science that accurately measures and understands our planet’s geometric…

Energy Efficient Distributed Adaptive Sampling using Networked Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Nadeem, M.

While water quality monitoring in real-time is important, it is often difficult to execute due to the constraints of using…

NYUAD Robosub: Automated Underwater Vehicle Adaptation and Control
Nham, M. Q.; Hamdan, R.R.

A team of NYU Abu Dhabi undergraduate students utilizes components, many of them Blue Robotics products, to develop a fully…

Monocular Vision-based Gripping of Objects
Haugaløkken, B.O. A.; Skaldebø, M. B.

Underwater vehicles equipped with manipulators are beneficial tools for subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair operations. Higher levels of autonomous vehicles…

Real-time Model-based Image Color Correction for Underwater Robots
Roznere, M.; Quattrini Li, A.

High quality underwater images are important when reconstructing realistic underwater structures, evaluating the health of coral reefs, or navigating underwater….

Development and Implementation of a Marine Robotics Algorithm Validation Testbed
Anderson, J.; Belcher, B.

Clean water for both drinking and irrigation is a necessary resource, but has little protection. There are regular incidents where…

Virtual Maps for Autonomous Exploration of Cluttered Underwater Environments
Wang, J.; Chen, F.

Having an autonomous vehicle actively map an unknown environment is a difficult task and improving this capability would be extremely…

6-DoF Modelling and Control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle
Wu, Chu-Jou

In order for ROVs to operate effectively in a range of applications, they need accurate navigation and control systems for…

ROV Assisted Magnetic Induction Communication Field Tests in Underwater Environments
Wei, D.; Soto, S. S

Due to the lack of Magnetic Induction (MI) field tests in underwater environments, the authors use a Remotely Operated Vehicle…

Experimental Quantification of Bedrock Abrasion Under Oscillatory Flow
Bramante, J. F.; Perron, J. T.

Abrasion is a powerful erosion force that shapes our landscapes. While stream-driven abrasion has been extensively studied in the lab,…